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The Tenth District Court of Appeals continues to serve the people of Franklin County during this COVID-19 public health emergency.
The judges are continuing to consider and decide cases.
The judges are available to address cases requiring immediate attention.
In consideration of the Governor's declaration of public health emergency, in order to protect our staff's health and yours, we have temporarily modified our on-site and in-person operations as noted below:

Effective immediately, Franklin County Administration is STRICTLY ENFORCING the order of the Director of the Ohio Department of Health and the Columbus City Council ordinance to REQUIRE FACIAL COVERINGS in the County Courthouse Complex.   If you need to come to the Court and do not have a facial covering, please contact the Court at 614-525-3580 or the community resources listed here for information on how to obtain a facial covering before coming to the courthouse. 
Many of our staff are conducting work remotely, but we are available to get back to you and address your questions. 
If you require in-person assistance, please observe guidance from the CDC and consider contacting the Court by phone or email:

  • if you are sick;
  • have been exposed to family/acquaintances who have been sick;
  • or recently have been travelling internationally.

We will be glad to assist you by telephone or email. If you have questions or require assistance, please call our office at 614-525-3580 or email Doug Eaton and Cindy Sgalla.

Until August 25, 2020, oral arguments will be conducted remotely with audio and video capabilities via Zoom webinar platform. Parties will be notified by the court with instructions on how to participate. When oral argument is scheduled, information regarding how the public and the media can listen-in simultaneously via YouTube will be posted on the Docket page of this website. See Journal Entry 20AP-01 (June 15, 2020).

The Court will resume oral arguments in person on August 25, 2020, unless the Court determines that public health circumstances or guidelines require otherwise.  In such event, counsel and the parties will be notified.  Furthermore, once the Court resumes oral arguments in person, the Court will consider requests for accommodations or continuances as determined appropriate for COVID-19.
If you have a case that requires IMMEDIATE ATTENTION please contact 614-525-3580 or Court Administrator Doug Eaton or Cindy Sgalla for further guidance.

The previous order of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio that tolls, or freezes, court filing deadlines ("tolling order") is DUE TO EXPIRE JULY 30, 2020. Therefore, please be advised that in order to preserve your right to appeal you may be required to file your notice of appeal IMMEDIATELY after the tolling order expires. Because notice of appeal deadlines are jurisdictional, if you miss the deadline for filing a notice of appeal you MAY LOSE YOUR RIGHT TO APPEAL. See Ohio Revised Code Section 2505.07 and Rule 4 of the Ohio Rules of Appellate Procedure.

As the expiration date of the tolling order approaches, parties should consider how expiration of the order will affect their deadlines for filings including, for example, notices of appeal, applications, motions, and briefs. Please consult the applicable provisions of the Ohio Revised Code, the Ohio Rules of Appellate Procedure, and this court's Local Rules, as well as the tolling order. Regarding the effect of the tolling order, parties should pay special attention to the examples provided by the Supreme Court in "Tolling Order – Frequently Asked Questions," particularly the examples set forth under the question "How Does Tolling Apply." See also Assessing Impact of Tolling Legislation and Supreme Court Order upon Specific Time Requirements.  Please contact 614-525-3580 or Doug Eaton and Cindy Sgalla for further information.

As a result of the circumstances created by the COVID-19 public health emergency, the Court is now providing mediation services in select civil cases prior to the filing of a notice of appeal. The Court will consider granting Pre-Notice-of-Appeal mediation only if requested by all parties acting together by agreement. This Pre-Notice-of-Appeal mediation service is offered in addition to the existing Post-Notice-of-Appeal mediation services offered by the Court pursuant to Loc.R. 5. Please go to the Mediation page of this website for further information and instructions.

Individuals, law firms, or other entities wishing to be added to the 10th District's email list for general notices, proposed rules changes, and other general matters may submit a request by email to Kristie Frank.
Please do all you can to keep you and your families healthy and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Tenth District Court of Appeals

The Courts of Appeals of Ohio are located within twelve distinct jurisdictional districts throughout the state. Though most of these districts encompass multiple counties, the jurisdictional boundary of the Tenth District Court of Appeals encompasses only Franklin County.

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